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On November 30th, 10:00am, The Guangdong Provincial Association of mobile e-commerce leader and his entourage arrive my department and guide the work, Mr. Yu, general manager personally received for the arrival of leaders to extend a warm welcome and sincere thanks.Then there has been a formal exchange of the Conference, The two sides as far as the Internet, mobile e-commerce, the medical device industry current situation and future development trend of the close-depth exchanges.

At the meeting, simple story of Mr. Yu, general manager of the company from the start-up stage difficult to insist on the back of well-known brands to become what it is today, And the dreams of the future and expectations, The participants agreed that: "Macro-the whole Internet, Today in the rapid development of the Internet, To keep pace with the times, the full integration of the thinking mode of "Internet plus", e-commerce is just a small part of the Internet, more to need the efforts of the mode of the Internet and open it.And further points out that enterprises should "work with one heart and one mind" to grow in size and strength.
Then play is more than the total of the company's video perfect example of reconciliation, said MAYA determination of medical apparatus and instruments and the future development plans, Including the creation of the core team, personnel training, innovation of fissile type of business.Get everyone high appraisal and appreciation, expectations of MAYA continued the updating existing strengths of medical devices, self-innovation, to record even greater achievements.
Finally Mr. Yu, he was accompanied by the Office of the company in Marina area, in-depth understanding of Manasseh, raise the spirit of the enterprise humanities.Union leader and his party have given considerable praise, and a group photo at the front desk, and the issuance of certificate for the Vice-President, had the honour to be a member of the Guangdong Provincial Association of mobile e-commerce.

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