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MA9000A+ Patient monitor
MA9000A+ Medical Patient Monitor

Product Type: patient monitor
Place of origin: China (Mainland) Guangdong
Model No: MA9000A+
Price Terms: FOB Guangzhou
Payment Terms: T/T.L/C.Western Union.MoneyGram
Package: Carton
Minimum Order: 1
Delivery Time: 7-10 working days
Brand Name: MAYA
MA9000A+ Patient monitor

MA9000A+ Patient monitor

ECG measurement:
Leads choices: All, I, II, III, aVF, aVR, aVL. V1--6 chest leads showed
Gains options:   × 1, × 2, × 4, and × 0.5 four trenches
Frequency: 0.5 Hz - 100 Hz
Common-mode signal inhibition: More than 70 dB
Scan rate: 12.5 mm / S, 25 mm / S, 50 mm / S standard three stalls.
HR: ± 5 bpm
Precision calibration signal: 1mv(peak, ± 3% accuracy)
ST Detection: measurement range (-1.0mV----+1.0mV)
Using Standard: meet the ANSI / AMI EC13 -1992 standard
Response time: 1s
Alarm: Sound and Light
Preset heart rate range: (Alarm over preset numerical)
Ceiling:       1-255 bpm adjustable
Threshold:     0-254 bpm adjustable



RESP Breath
Breathing frequency range: 0-60 bum
Accuracy:    ± 1brpm
Response   time:  1s
Gains options: × 1, × 2, × 4, and × 0.5 four trenches
Alarm: Sound and Light
Alarm   range:    (numerical preset alarm over)
Ceiling:       10-100 bpm adjustable
Threshold:     0 -99 bpm adjustable



NIBP measurement
Technology:  Oscillometric
Mode: manual / automatic
Measurement units: mmHg / kpa
Protection: Double security protection
A measurement time: less than 45 S
Scope: Pressure Cuffs 0-250 mmHg
Blood pressure measurement accuracy: ANSI /AAMI, SP10-1992 standard error and standard deviation of the average value of the initial
Inflatable cuffs: 180 mmHg (120 mmHg children   newborn 70 mmHg)
Inflatable cuffs follow: original SBP: + 30 mmHg
Blood pressure measuring range:
Systolic blood pressure: 60-250 mmHg
Diastolic blood pressure: 40-220 mmHg
Pressure on the average: 45-235 mmHg
Response time: 1s
Alarm: Sound and Light
Preset range: report (Numerical exceed preset alarm)
Systolic blood pressure maximum: 1-255 mmHg adjustable
Threshold: 0-254 mmHg adjustable
Diastolic blood pressure ceiling: 1 -255 mmHg adjustable
Minimum standards: 0 -254 mmHg adjustable
Use standard: compliance with the ANSI / AAMI SP10-1992 standard



Spo2 measurement
Range: 0-100%
Accuracy: 1%
Resolution: 1%
Pulse frequency: 20-250 times / min
Response time: 1s
Alarm: Sound and Light
Preset range: report (Alarm over preset numerical)
Ceiling:      1% - 100% adjustable
Threshold:   0% - 99% adjustable



TEMP measurement:
Technology: thermostat temperature probe
Measuring range: 20 ° C-45 ° C
Temperature resolution: 0.1%
Accuracy: ± 1 ° C
Response Time: 1s
Alarm: Sound and Light
Preset range: report (numerical preset alarm over)
Maximum: 20.1 ° C-45.5 ° C adjustable
Threshold: 20 ° C-45.4 ° C Adjustable


Trend Graph:
Types锛 Graphical /tabular
Memory storage: 48 hours (not restart preservation)
Data interval: 30 seconds
Graphic form:  one graph per channel.
Tabular form:  graphics are the parameters with 11 per trip (and time parameters). One page 15 firms external



AC power supply: AC 180-220V, 50Hz-60Hz. 1A maximum current
Temperature: 0-40 ° C
Storage temperature: -20 ° C-50 ° C
Working humidity: 5-95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Humidity storage: 5-95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Altitude: 0-1000 feet (working condition)
Whole Power: not more than 40


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