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U-arm CCD Detector Digital Radiography Equipment
MADR01 U-arm CCD Detector Digital Radiography Equipment

Product Type: C-arm x-ray machine
Place of origin: China (Mainland) Guangdong
Model No: MADR01
Price Terms: FOB Guangzhou
Payment Terms: T/T.L/C.Western Union.MoneyGram
Package: Carton
Minimum Order: 1 set/sets
Delivery Time: 7-10 working days
Brand Name: MAYA

 MADR01Configuration and Parameter List for Sickle-Style

MADR01 Configuration And Parameter List  For  Sickle-Style

UC-arm Digital Radiography System X-RAY detector uses KODAK VHD CCD by way of camera shot sensor, KODAK VHD CCD mainly uses in the outer space scientific research, has the superelevation sensitivity and extremely reliability, ultra long service life, This DR system CCD detector compares with ordinary CCD detector has a higher sensitivity and more superior image quality, compares the flat detector has the longer service life and a higher reliability, higher spatial resolution and extremely low use-cost.

Used to all over filming inspection: chest, skull, abdomen, spine, pelvis and limbs etc.

Import CPI high frequency and high voltage generator 1 Power: 32KW;       
Work frequency: 100KHz
Photographing (mAs): 500mAs 
Photographing kV: 40锝150kV
Import Toshiba 7242EX tube 1 Focus: 0.6/1.5mm
Photographing kv: 40锝125kV
Heat Capacity: 200kHU
The up & down moving scope of the transverse arm:锛65-165锛塩m±3cm ,continuously adjustable;
Transverse arm rotation around rotation center锛坮otate to the safety height锛:锛0锝105锛°±2°;
Screen focus distance:锛100-180锛塩m±5cm, continuously adjustable;
KODAK single CCD+ CsI
Image detector 1 Photographing size: ≥17*15 inch 
Image pixels: ≥9 million
Limit space resolution: ≥3.4 Lp/mm
A/D transfer coefficient: 16bit
1. Power-driven photographing shell 1 Sickle –Style arm photographing shelf.
2. Photographing bed 1 Photographing shelf and photographing bed: the moving up & down, left & right and  rotation of the transverse arm should be steady.
3. Automatic exposure system 1 Import solid-state ionization chamber automatic exposure system
4. Clear cmos.
5. Automatic exposure.
6. Software 1 For real automatic exposure software system, doctors only need to press down hand brake to finish exposure operation instead of setting exposure parameter manually.
7. Image-collecting work station 1 Dell  work station: AMD 2.5GHz, 1GB RAM, hard disk 320GB, 19 inch liquid crystal detector (1 set),100M network  interface, DICOM3.0 interface.
8. Image collecting and disposing software 1 automatic /automatic window width / window level, preset  window width / window level, positive and negative image turning, image turning, image rotation, image amplification and roaming, labeling and measuring, splitting, automatic electron cutting, part amplification, recovering original image.
9. Edge enhancement: automatically distinguish and analyze image, enhance image edge sharpness.
10. Dynamic scope optimization: automatically compress dynamic curve of original images for convenient diagnose.
11. High-frequency image enhancement:enhance image contrast,improve detail resolution, obviously improve small images such as bone trabecula's . 
12. Noise inhibition: utomatically filter mixed signal, obviously  reduce image noise锛宨mprove image signal-to-noise ratio.
13. Parts:
(1) 1 Import bucky; import beam limit device; high speed data transmission wire.
(2) Optional  digital  image work station software.
(3) K-PACS  image storage transmission system.
(4) Film printer.
瀵逛笉璧凤紝娌℃湁涓婁竴鍥鹃泦浜嗭紒 MADR02 CCD Detector Sickle Arm Digital Radiography System
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