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MAJSQA Hemocytometer
MAJSQA Hemocytometer

Product Type: Hemocytometer
Place of origin: Guangdong
Model No: MAJSQA
Price Terms: FOB Guangzhou
Payment Terms: T/T.L/C.Western Union.MoneyGram
Package: Carton
Minimum Order: 1 set/sets
Delivery Time: 15 days after receive payment
Brand Name: MAYA

 MAJSQA Hemocytometer

General Description 

Hemocytometer is a microcomputer calculator integrated with counting, analysis

and monitoring with ten groups, two's place and ten carries. The number is calculated

with ten keys and showing ten groups of numbers and totals at the same time. Press "%" button,

the device will display all group data integer digit, press again will display all group data decimal

digit( the light is on). It is of accuracy, functional stability, good out shape, clear monitoring, convenient

for use and clinical fit, showing the primary bacterial infection or virus infection. Especially fits for the small and middle size hospitals. 

Main Data 

2.1 Maximum count category :ten groups 
2.2 Count capacity of every group :0~99 
2.3 Total count capacity :0-990 
2.4 Voltage :AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz 
2.5 Power consumption :5W 
2.6 Weight :600g 
2.7 Volume : 220×160×78(mm) 


3.1 Prepare with connected the electricity,turn on the power and"0"is showed on the monitor,

then push the"Reset"key,clearing all the data to zero. 
3.2 Then , the instrument will show normal eight data with their eight keys correspondently

such as Basophilic(BASO) , eosinophilic( EOSIN ), 
MYELO,JUVEN,Neutrophilic stab granulocyte(STAB), Neutrophilic segmented granulocyte (SEG),

lymphocyte(LYMPH) and Monocyte ( MONO ). If you want to count any data, please push the relative key. 
3.3 The others out of the above-mentioned data, customer can define it by himself with the "9"and "10" key. 
3.4 Each key will sounds "toot" meaning the counting is available and 
adding "1" in the corresponding calculator while the "∑" meaning adding "1" for total. If no "toot" is heard,

the counting is not working and need another try. 
3.5 When the simplex is full will display "99", will hear a longer time "toot", stop accumulated , other key

will go on accumulating, when the total is accumulated to "990" , the counting of this operation is full.

As soon as you hear a longer time "toot", the counting is not working. 
3.6 While you want to finish this operation, please push the key "%" , after hearing the "toot" ,the computer

will change the values into percentage on the monitor the total does not change.. If you want to get a

more accurate value, push "%" again, it will show the percentage to decimal. (the light is on),

(only when the single channel is accumulated, push "%" key showing "-" , it means the total calculator

showing the single channel value and percentage is 100%.) 
3.7 When the operation is finished, please push "Reset" key, the ten groups and "∑"return to "0" ,

then you can start another calculation. 


4.1 Put the on the equal level, far away from the magnet. The power should have

a ground connection, and voltage should be in the required range. 
4.2 Push the middle part of the key with appropriate strength, over hard push will damage the keys. 
4.3 When the operation is finished, cut off the power, put on the dust proof cover and make sure the room is dry.



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