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MASG-24 Medical lab test tube heater
MASG-24 Medical lab test tube heater

Product Type: lab test tube heater
Place of origin: Guangdong
Model No: MASG-24
Price Terms: FOB Guangzhou
Payment Terms: T/T.L/C.Western Union.MoneyGram
Package: Carton
Minimum Order: 1 set/sets
Delivery Time: 15 days after receive payment
Brand Name: MAYA

 MASG-24 Medical lab equipment tube heater 

MASG - 24 tube temperature constant (thermostatic dry bath) is to adopt advanced

microcomputer control and thermoelectric technology products and adopt unique temperature

control technology and pure aluminum is a standard module, temperature control is more

precise and more stable. The thermoelectric technology makes a wider temperature range,

can be widely used in the sample storage, preservation and the reaction of various enzymes,

DNA amplification and electrophoresis of pre degeneration, serum solidification, etc. 

MASG - 24 tube temperature constant (thermostatic dry bath), there are 24 tube hole.

Suitable for using Φ 10, 12, 15 Φ Φ standard reaction tube, heating of instrument block

is made of high density alloy finishing forming, has a large heat capacity, thermal resistance

of small, uniform heating, etc. Adopt intelligent digital display temperature and casual setting,

automatic constant temperature, easy to use, the temperature control precision can reach

37 °C + / - 0.2 °C, 65 °C plus or minus 0.3 °C. Equipped with digital display timer, the user

can be arbitrary adjust the timing of time. Optional stainless steel window dust cover, the use

of tube sealing, free trial operation more convenient and quick, traditional constant temperature

tank tube must be sealed, otherwise the steam or water can cause pollution into the test tube,

for each test tube sealing trouble both time-consuming, and affect the experiment result. 

Technical parameters 

The working voltage of 60 Hz AC 220 v 

Heating power 1000 w 

RT - 100 °C temperature range 

Temperature control precision of plus or minus 0.5 °C


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