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MA-103 1 for 3 Oil-Free Air Compressor
MA-103 1 for 3 Oil-Free Air Compressor

Product Type: Oil-Free Air Compressor
Place of origin: Guangdong
Model No: MA-103
Price Terms: FOB Guangzhou
Payment Terms: T/T.L/C.Western Union.MoneyGram
Package: Carton
Minimum Order: 1 set/sets
Delivery Time: 15 days after receive payment
Brand Name: MAYA

 MA-103 1 for 3 Oil-Free Air Compressor

1. Usage operation announcements

1. While using should will get empty to press the machine put on the neat ground,

choosing possibly well ventilated good, the dust is small, small position in degree

of humidity, in order to spread hot good, sprit source cleanness dry. 
2. The usage checks to get empty to press before the machine spirit road has on to the

stop, the each a just like is often the phenomenon empress, putting the power cable plug

to AC outlet top( the A C outlet must connect the ground is good)that meet the request,

getting empty to press the machine electrical engineering to start starting namely, the

electromagnetism valve acts, closing to line up the air road, whole machine begins to work. 
3 The manometer instructions the pressure goes up the tallest pressure of the enactment,

the pressure controller breaks to open automatically, getting empty to press the machine Stop the work. 

4 Connect the row spirit valve mouth to a lowest electric voltage for using spirit source

equipments tube road, opening lining up spirit valve valve door can immediately starting

providing to equipments spirit, being manometer instructioning pressure declining to the

enactment dint, the pressure control shuts to match automatically, getting empty to press

the machine to start afresh(the different from allest pressure value according to model number

in value in lowest pressure all have set up before product a factory good, general circumstance

bottom the customer do not want to adjust the initial value without authorization. 

5 If the customer power supply electric voltage is low, did not attain the standard electric voltage

value, can't be strong to exercise to use, will damage to get empty to press the machine

electrical engineering otherwise should another add the power supply the steady pressing

the machine or adjust to press the machine, make an electric voltage for using attain the

standard power supply electric voltage value. 

6 Use in the process, get empty to press the machine save to will condense a little amount

humidity in spirit bottle, so want to periodically drain, a the sort drains every week, before

draining turn off first the power supply, open to line up the spirit valve a row do to save spirit

bottle air, then turn to open to save the spirit a bottom fill to block up, after drining, turn the using then afresh. 

7 Use the process inside, because having the dust in the air, so enter the spirit do away

with the orotund machine request to wash every week, before washing turn off first the power

supply, will away with orotund machine turn the bottom, then turn the bottom cleans with the

clear water, rebind the good using then. (also can rep; Ace the new sea cotton) 

2. Maintain with support 
1. For insuring the safety, compressor work the hour strictlies forbid to touch on board any a piece. 
2. This machine is for having no oil compressor, strictlying forbid to encourage the lubrication. 
3. The environment temperature of this machine usage is 5° C~40° 
4. Wash absoluteness can't to whole on board sprinkle water the application to softly the

cloth wipe the clean and the above dust, being careful to knock and break a piece. 
5. Use to please cut off the power switch after completing. 

Supply Voltage: 220 V 50 Hz 
Power: 545 W 
Volume Flow Rate: 70 L/min 
Start-up Pressure: 0.5 MPa 
Capacity Discharge: 0.8 MPa 
Air Container Volume: 32 L 
Noise: 56~65 dB


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