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MA-2018CⅢ Convex Probe Standard Ultrasound Machine
MA-2018CⅢ Convex Probe Standard Ultrasound Machine

Product Type: B ultrasound scanner with trolley
Place of origin: Guangdong
Model No: MA-2018CⅢ
Price Terms: FOB Guangzhou
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Western Union,MoneyGram
Package: Carton
Minimum Order: one piece/pieces
Delivery Time: 7-10 working days
Brand Name: MAYA

MA-2018CⅢ Standard ultrasound scanner (convex  probe)

MA-2018CⅢ Standard ultrasound scanner (convex probe)
MA-2018CⅢ Standard ultrasound scanner (convex probe)


The system uses micro computer technology, Digital Scanning Converter (DSC), variable aperture, multi-section dynamic focusing, high dynamic, low noise, wide band pre-amplifier, log compression, TGC control, dynamic filtering, edge enhancement and frame correlation. Those embedded components allow a clear, stable and high resolution image.
.Display mode: B、B+B、B+M、M
.Gray scale: 256
.Image display: real time, frozen, amplified, B/W conversion, up/down conversion;
.Body marks: 10 types;
.Real-time, date, electronic focusing, free combination of focuses;
.Optional built-in pseudo-color processing mode; standard PAL-D and VGA video output; easily accessed to the equipments, such as the large screen monitor, videocassette recorder, video image printer etc.
.Soft keyboards and track ball to make operation faster, convenient and flexible;
.Trolley structured; switch power is used without working frequency transformer; FPGA and SMT in the device make it high integrated, small volume and light weight.
.The device passed clinical verifications of safety and diagnosis validity in its manufacturing country.
□ Specifications
Standard probe: 3.5MHZ Convex;
.Detecting depth:≥ 220mm;
.Blind zone: ≤5mm;
.Display mode: B; B+B; B+M; M;
.Gray Scale: 256;
.Image amplification: ×1.0; ×1.2; ×1.5; ×2.0;
.Local zoom: 2 times;
.Electronic focusing: 4 focuses combination randomly;
.Depth shift: B, B+B modes real time shift;
.Resolution: lateral≤ 2mm; axial≤1mm;
.Frame correlation: B, B+B modes 3 level;
.Image reverse: up/down; left/right; black/white;
.Measurement: distance; circumference; area; heart rate; gestational week; fetal weight etc;
.Annotation: time; date; ID; age; sex; detecting depth; probe type; focus; frame correlation etc;
.Chinese-English inter-conversion;
.Image load/storage; 20;
.Obstetric table: BPD; CRL; GS; FL; AC; HC; FW; EDD;
.Body marks: ≥10 types with probe position;
.Optional probe: 7.5MHz (linear); 6.5MHz Convex Trans-vaginal;


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