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MY-D044A Digital Panoramic Dental X-ray machine

Product Type: Dental X-ray machine
Place of origin: China (Mainland)
Model No: MY-D044A
Price Terms: FOB Guangzhou
Payment Terms: T/T.L/C.Western Union.MoneyGram
Package: Carton
Minimum Order: 1
Delivery Time: 15 days after receive payment
Brand Name: MAYA

Function characteristic

Advanced technology. Functional CCD sensor. Get the digital image directly.

Adopt the most advanced CCD sensor, connect with computor and get the digital image directly. Convinient and efficient.

Short scan time. clearly image.

Adopt the head machine, sensor and control panel imported from Italian. Stable performance. Short scan time, clearly image.

Adopt the America SHICK technology .support the chinese operate.

The new software the chinses operate. convinient to the DICOM deal.

Supporting the use with medical film print system. Convinient output. Excellent printing effect.

Adopt the proffesional medical laser printer and medical film. The image effect much better than the traditional film and photo paper. Beautiful and high grade. It is Convinient for patients to save it.

Proffesional engineer and team of after sale service.



1.    power supply: 220V±22V50Hz60Hz±1Hz1500VA.

2.    Internal resistance of power supply: ≤1.5Ω

3.    Fuse: 10Aφ5mm×20mm)

4.    High pressure generator: High frequency DC 20kHZ

5.    Anodic voltage: 60—86kV. Step distance 2mA. Error 10.

6.    Anodic current : 4—10mA. Step distance 2mA. Error 10.

7. Exposure time: Adult panoramic 19S. Children panoramic 16S. Half left or Half right 10S. Frontal teeth12.5S. TMJ open and closed (3.2×4)S. Frontal Sinuses 18s. When shoot the Cephalometric , Anodic current is 10mA. The Product of Anodic Current and Time is from 2mAs to 35mAs, divided into 12 block


8.Tube type: KL5-0.5-105

Target material: Tungsten

Angle: 5°  Focus spot: 0.5×0.5mm.


9.Filter: 2.5mmAL.


10. Operation model: indirect loading.continue operation sensor ipan image parameters



Color depth

12bits 4096 grey scale

effective pixels size




Scan time

10 – 20Sdepend on the host



Operate Guide

1. This machine is the precision instruments, suggest operators have been trained before operate it.

2.We have consider the problem of electromagnetic compatibility when we design it. Avoid to interference the machine’s electronic circuit, pls do not put the machine nearby the EMI source.






Maintain Guide

Check and confirm the electronic and machine are under the safe condition regularly.

Lubricate the components regular.

The special lubricant to the removable components need be done by the technician. once per year.










Hitch Remove


Error code

Description of the code


Microprocessor error


EPROM error


RAM error


using too much for the spinner rack in the initial position.


Change the panoramic to cephalometric exchange switch during the exposure period .or the switch situation which can not occur


The exposure time beyond the max range.


High pressure error


Input the too low power voltage


heat current of the filament beyond the limit range.


No the anodic current in X ray tube


During the exposure period, Hand brake break and the film been damaged.


Let the hand brake go when the exposure are not finished.


Let the hand brake go after the exposure, but the motor is not finished.


In the half of the locus, rotation No. and the position of the machine are not match.


In the half of the locus, rotation No. and the position of the machine are not match.


In the end of the locus. rotation No. and the position of the machine are not match.


In the end of the locus. rotation No. and the position of the machine are not match


Rotating electrical machine not work


Box motor not work


When cut the machine, there are the heat current


When cut the machine, there are the anodic current


I2C  error


During the period of Box frame running, microswitch error


During the period of spinner rack running, microswitch error


The temperature of the machine head is beyond the limit range


15V voltage error


24V voltage error


5V voltage error



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